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Process / Let's break it down - the creative process

Scalable Processes

All the factors listed below are necessary for the successful management and deployment of a corporate digital marketing campaign. Within the limitations of the budget invested on a project, naturally the scale of project management and the digital design techniques implemented will be directly attributed to budget and time constraints.

Goals and Objectives / Market Research / Competitor Analysis / Digital Strategy

A new website process starts by understanding the business, goals, consumers, brand strategy, user research and how we best incorporate this into a digital strategy.

UX & Information Architecture
Wireframes / User Experience

Discovery stage has allowed us to start considering the best possible experience for a user. It has formed the basis for the site structure, layout and how the user will interact and navigate through the end product. A website needs to be as intuitive as possible and allow for unique scenarios of people’s needs, computer knowledge, browsing environments and habits.

UI / Prototyping / Graphic Design

With a clear blueprint plan, we can get to the part that everybody loves – the visual process of look and feel. The knowledge from the Discovery / Information Architecture and User Experience planning stage is used to conceptualise the design and user interface. Prototyping and graphic design are the key tangible aspects of this stage.

HTML / CSS / Javascript / PHP / CMS / Browser Compatibility

This stage of the project is where we the design is brought into a web browser an interactive, clickable version of the website is created. This is the most time intensive aspect and involves coding, development and back-end CMS and Social integration.

Face to Face / Training

Training is performed as face to face training that is tailored to the website administrator and specific CMS setup. A follow up is done to ensure the website administrator is comfortable with updating all aspects of the website.

ROI / Google Analytics / Customer Conversion / Goals & Funnels

Once the digital presence has been launched to the world, it’s essential to future success to review the performance and engagement. A good digital presence can only achieve greatness after launch when we can see how people are using the site. It also allows us to make informed decisions together about future enhancements.