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Web development and Product Management for Hong Kong based artist products manufacturers. Branding purpose was to align three different product ranges under one brand image. Marketing and target audience is to wholesalers and large retailers internationally, therefore the focus is on promoting superior quality control…

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Construction Branding

Rebranding with a new logo, bold reds contrasting with black and white. Website with modern “flat design”¬†with animations and animated opacity, view the website to see. This company has an amazing portfolio of large concrete projects with major clients. We were engaged to bring Slabseal…

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Business Portals

BeLocal is our latest creation and business venture, a marriage between start-up enterprise and having the latest technologies to develop an effective and modern business portal. We have the abilities and resources to guide and develop start-up enterprises from inception to launch. Software development and…

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Elegance and Beauty

Product Management, Branding, Design and Web Development for a skin and beauty clinic. The clean minimalist styles in blue and white with floral images, easy to read content and clear navigation through the many products and services page provided a user experience that attracted new…

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eCommerce Web Development

Bringing the client into the present and future. Old html website was not communicating this fabulous companies products and offering to their clients. Orders made by calling or ordering by email. Products were poorly displayed and generally did not work. We performed a complete¬†redesign and…

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International Products

Product Management, Web Development and Marketing campaign to promote an innovative product to global Govt emergency departments, Mining sector and Military services. Lunar Lighting needed to publish extensive technical information while keeping the look of the website and brochures simple and easy to read Logo…

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Web Development and Digital Marketing for the hospitality industry has to recognise the brand and service offering including menus and additional applications.

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Jewellery Store

E-commerce website, Social Media and SEM marketing strategy and management.. We have ongoing management of product catalogues and further development as the product evolves. A comprehensive Product Management strategy has been implemented with and managed with continued campaigns since 2013.

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Not for Profit Organisations

Website development and digital management for a group of Catholic society’s. Several campaigns developed and created, both secular and religious, with ongoing management and development. Attractive and unique designs complete with logo design, web design & graphic design. Product management principles¬† and design featured, integrating…

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Business Intelligence

Web Development in Joomla, with brand identity to appeal across an international audience, also with translations in three languages with the entire project spanning borders and varying corporate identities.

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